Set up the Master Home Guide

Home guides will provide your guests with the essential information they need about their rental property, including arrival and departure times, WiFi codes and rules for maintaining the house. The Master Home Guide is the template for all of your home guides. Changes made to the template will appear on every home guide.



  1. Log on to the new RueBaRue app at This will take you to the RueBaRue Welcome page.
  2. Go to the Master Home Guide.
  3. The Master Home Guide features six sections: Your Stay, About Our Home, Departure, Rental Rules, Safety Information and Rebook. You can customize the guides any way you like. The sample information we've included is to help you get started. Feel free to use, edit, discard or replace any or all of it except for Your Stay on your own.
  4. Add, remove and rename tabs/menus. Click the Edit icon tab to edit the section name, the Delete icon to remove a section and the Plus button on the far right to add a new section. To arrange a tab or menu, drag and drop it horizontally. Please note that Your Stay can not be moved and renamed.

5. To add a new item, go to the appropriate tabs/menus and click + Add Block.

Title (optional)

Add a title 


Add tags that apply to your block.


Add text. See style shortcuts to improve the appearance and clarity of the content. 


Add a photo

Video (optional)

Add a link to a YouTube video

PDF Label

Add a label


Select a PDF file

6. Click Edit to change the title and content of a block.

7. Use the Up and Down arrow to drag and drop or change the order of the sections.
8. The Sideways arrow is for expanding a section to show open on the Guestview.
9. To remove an item, click the Delete icon and confirm.
10. To update an icon, click on the current icon and pick an image you like. The image is saved automatically.