January 2021 Product Updates

1. Customizable Guestbook Links

You can now customize guestbook links in automated emails. Instead of https://www.ruebarue.com/guestbook/999999999999, you can call it View Guestbook or Your Company Name Guestbook.

Format: [Guestbook]([PropertyGuideLink])


2. Find property guides by tag

There is now a “Filter by Tag” option on the Property Guides Page so you can locate all guides with a specific tag.


3. Collapsed Messages

On the Messages Page, automated messages will be marked in blue and shown as collapsed to two lines for a simplified view. You can click on the collapsed message to expand it. We should have this release available on your mobile phone this week.


4. Cloning Surveys

You can now duplicate a Survey, so you don't have to build a similar one from scratch.


5. New Macros

We've added four new macros for the automated messages. You can go to Scheduled Messages, Alerts or Scheduled Ahead and click on View Macros to see them.


A) Guest Check-In/Check-out — If you want to see if your guests have checked in or checked out, use the following two macros in your Master Property Guide or your automated messages. Samples below:

Guest Check-In by SMS:

Please let us know if you have checked in.


Enjoy your stay with us.


Guest Check-Out by SMS:

Please let us know if you have checked out.


Thank you for staying with us.


Here's the format to use this macro in the Master Property Guide:
[Check-In Now]([GuestCheckIn])


Not all of your guests may respond. For those who do, you’ll see their names on the Guests' Page, filtered by Checked In or Checked Out.


B) Destination Guide macro — Send the relevant destination guide link to your guests attached to their property guide. This macro is useful if you want to send the destination guide link in an email to guests before they arrive. This macro is specifically designed for companies that are in multiple areas and have several destination guides.



C) Email and phone number macros — You can use these macros if you want to confirm if a guest has provided the right contact information during their booking.