December 2020 Product Updates


We’ve made some improvements to the Dashboard. The page now shows several high-level statistics including the number of guests arriving in the next three days, text messages sent out over the last seven days and the number of guestbooks viewed in the last seven days. You can also see how many property guides, destination guides and active scheduled messages you have in your account.

At the bottom of this page, you’ll find two charts. The first one is Guestbook Viewing Times. This chart lets you know at what time your guests are viewing the guestbooks.

The second chart, Messages Sent Vs. Guestbook Views, shows when you are sending a message with the guestbook link and when the guest is actually viewing it. This should help you optimize the send date and time of delivery of the guestbooks.


Desktop Notification

On the Messages page, you will now see a toggle on the top right of the page that allows you to enable desktop notifications.

Desktop notification is an audio-visual notification on your screen that alerts you to incoming messages from guests.

Turn on the toggle to start receiving alerts. As long as the Messages page is open, you will receive the notification.

If the toggle doesn’t work, your browser is blocking it. To enable, click the lock icon to the left of the web address and switch to allow notifications. Contact us at if you have any trouble with this.

Search Messages

On the Messages page, you’ll see a search box above the left column. You can find a message using a guest name or property ID. When you perform a search, it may take a few seconds for the results to show. We are working on optimizing this.

This search feature is now available on the mobile app as well.

Auto-Archiving Messages

You can now choose to archive messages automatically after the guest checks out. You’ll find this feature under Settings > Message. You can set the number of days after checkout to auto archive messages. Select a range from the day of checkout to up to 10 days after guests leave. Please note that archiving starts when you activate it.

Tagging Multiple Property Guides

To make it easier for you to tag multiple property guides, you can now select as many property guides as you like and click the tag button. Previously, you could only tag one guide at a time. This change should make it faster to tag property guides.

Incoming Text Messages from Non-Guests

Our system now accepts text messages from phone numbers that are not connected to guest reservations. If you see a message with just a phone number, it means that the message is from a phone number that does not belong to a guest (but could be a friend or a relative).

Character Count

You will see a character count on the Scheduler and Alerts pages. We’ve changed the number of characters that can be used in text messages. The new limit is 918 characters, which is, in fact, quite generous. We recommend that text messages be kept short for maximum impact. The longer the text message, the less likely that it will be read. Our new template ensures that no message exceeds this length. No action is required on your end.