Day of Week Message Automation

Send recurring, day-of-the-week reminder text or email messages to guests, such as: Leave the trash on the curb before the pickup. If the trash pick-up is on Wednesday at 9 a.m., you can schedule a reminder message to go out every Tuesday evening.


  1. Create one or more Tags for days when the trash will be picked up. For example: Trash - Tuesday, Trash - Wednesday, etc.
  2. Attach the appropriate Tag to the Home Guides by clicking the plus icon under the Tags column.
  3. Add a new Scheduled Message.
  4. Add the appropriate Tag (e.g., Trash - Wednesday).
  5. Select Text or Email.
  6. Select the Day of the Week (From 0 Days Before to 7 Days Before), and pick the Weekday (e.g., Tuesday) and Delivery Time.
  7. Add a message (e.g., This is a reminder to leave the trash outside on the curb by 8 am tomorrow (Thursday). Thank you so much!) and click Save.