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Customize area guide tabs/menu items

Use this section to tailor tabs/menu items for your area guides as you wish. Any changes to tabs including additions, name changes and removals will be applied to all of your area guides. All area content is updated automatically.
  1. Log on to the RueBaRue app at app.ruebarue.com. This will take you to the RueBaRue Welcome page.
  2. Go to Settings in the right corner and select Area Guide or go to the Area Guides page and click the Manages Sections button.
  3. By default, the platform is preset with four tabs/menus: Grocery & Pharmacy, Restaurants, Things to Do and Getting Here. Tabs/menus are marked with a Lock icon that can be hidden but not deleted.

  4. To rename a tab, type the new name in the input box. Note: the platform generates recommendations for Grocery & Pharmacy, Restaurants and Things to Do. Do not use these sections for other purposes.
  5. To add a tab/menu, type the name inside the Add Tab input box and click Add.
  6. To remove a tab/menu, click on the Delete icon to the left of the tab/menu name.
  7. Use the Up and Down arrow icon to change the order of tabs/menu. Any changes will be applied to all the destination guides.
  8. To hide a tab/menu on all destination guides, use the Toggle icon under the guide column. Use the Toggle icon to reverse the process if you no longer want the tab/menu to be hidden.
  9. To hide a tab/menu on all embeds, use the Toggle icon under the embed column. Use the Toggle icon to reverse the process if you no longer want a tab/menu to be hidden on all embeds.
  10. Complete your updates and click Save. All changes will be applied immediately.
  11. To view your changes, click Preview Guide.
Note: When a section under a tab/menu is left empty, it will be hidden from viewers.
Contact support@ruebarue.com for assistance with setting up your account.