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Create Scheduled Emails Upon Booking

You can schedule emails from the Scheduler page when we import the booking. This feature was built to reduce calls from guests who want the guestbook as soon as they make a booking.


  1. Go to the Scheduler page.
  2. Click the + Scheduled Message button.
  3. Add name as Email Upon Booking.
  4. Select text from message templates or type a new one in the message box.
  5. Toggle On Active.
  6. Select send by Email from SMS/Email radio buttons.
  7. Select Email on Booking from Schedule drop-down menu.
  8. Add Tags to target select properties or other categories.
  9. Add From Name, From Email, Subject and Message.
  10. Click "Save".

Most emails will be sent within an hour of booking, but some may take up to 24 hours.

So, why only emails? It is not helpful to send texts months before guests arrive. Such texts may also overlap with other automated text messages.