April 2024 Product Updates

  1. Added the ability to download Guest text message logs (https://app.ruebarue.com/guests).
  2. Added export email subscriptions (CSV) (https://app.ruebarue.com/subscriptions) under the Guestbook menu.
  3. Added print View for Guestbooks (https://app.ruebarue.com/guests), Home Guides (https://app.ruebarue.com/properties), and Area Guides (https://app.ruebarue.com/areas).
  4. Added a "Filter by Tag" on Extend Stays (https://app.ruebarue.com/extend-guest-stay).
  5. Email Capture on Digital Guestbook (https://knowledge.ruebarue.com/email-capture-on-digital-guestbook).
  6. Added new categories to Work Orders (https://app.ruebarue.com/work-orders).
  7. Added Booking Source (https://app.ruebarue.com/scheduler) filler to scheduler  - Beta