Add a scheduled message by Email

  1. Go to the Scheduler page on the top menu.
  2. Click + Schedule A Message and create your message.
  3. Add Schedule Name for the message. This is seen by you but not by the guest.
  4. Set to Active.
  5. Click the bubble for Email.
  6. Set your send rule.
  7. Add From Email.
  8. Add From Name.
  9. Add the Subject.
  10. Set your sending rule by selecting how many days before or after check-in or check-out. Then select the time when you would like the message to be sent.
  11. By default, the message will be sent to all guests matching the send rules. Use the tags to send messages to guests in select properties.
  12. If you want to include dynamic files, click the Macro link above the message box to see available macros. Click the macro top, copy a macro and paste it into the body of the message.
  13. Add the message in the message box.
  14. Click Save.
Note: The [Macro] must match exactly. We recommend you copy and paste the [Macro]. The macro includes the word with the brackets on each side.
Example: [Name]